Charity Services

We provide a range of legal services to charities, having taken over the work of the Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests for Ireland in October 2014

Update: Please note that the Charities Regulator plans to launch Phase 2 of its new digital platform system in Quarter 2 of 2019.  Once launched, all new applications for services pursuant to the Charities Acts 1961 and 1973 (as amended) will be required to be submitted using this new online system.  More information will follow in due course.

The Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests for Ireland (CCDB) were established by Statute in 1884 to ensure ‘the more effectual application of charitable donations and bequests in Ireland’.  They were mandated under the Charities Acts 1961 and 1973 to provide services to trustees of charities and to assist in the carrying out of the intentions of persons making donations and bequests to charity.  Under Part 6 of the Charities Act 2009 the CCDB were dissolved and their functions were transferred to the Charities Regulator.

This section outlines the services we provide pursuant to section 82 of the Charities Act 2009.  You can download the application forms for these services below.  These applications cannot yet be accepted electronically.

Please read the relevant requirements before completing the forms

Concerns regarding sales of charity land

The note below sets out the role of the Charities Regulator in respect of sales of land by charities and includes information for persons who have concerns about a sale of charity land.

Investment of Charity Funds

The Charities Regulator has a Common Investment Fund (CIF) in which it invests funds for charities.  The CIF was established by the Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests pursuant to section 46 of the Charities Act 1961.  The CIF was transferred to the Charities Regulator upon the dissolution of the Commissioners; all their functions being transferred to the Charities Regulator under the Charities Act 2009.  The Charities Regulator does not accept any new funds from charities for investment.

For further information on the CIF, please see the financial statements below.

Charitable Bequests

The Charities Regulator assists with examining summary 'PAS3' forms received from the Probate Office supplying details of all charitable bequests.