Charity Trustees' Week 2019


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What is Charity Trustees' Week?

This year’s Charity Trustees’ Week 2019, from 11 - 15 November, aims to build on the success of last year’s event.  It aims to recognise and celebrate the key role which volunteer charity trustees play in the governance and leadership of charities across Ireland. It also seeks to encourage more people to become trustees.

Boardmatch is the leading charity in Ireland for board recruitment in the charity sector, having facilitated the appointment of over 2,500 individuals to their boards. Boardmatch works with charities of all sizes. If you are interested in becoming a charity trustee you can view and apply for Board and Committee vacancies here.

Along with the network of Volunteer Centres, Volunteer Ireland manages the national volunteering database I-VOL. The database has thousands of volunteer opportunities from thousands of organisations across the country meaning you can view and apply for roles on our website and our smartphone app, I-VOL. You can find current board opportunities here.

Charity Trustees' Week aims:

  • To celebrate and thank charity trustees for the key role which they play in the governance and leadership of Ireland’s charities;
  • To highlight the importance of good governance of boards, promote the need for a thorough knowledge of trustees’ roles and responsibilities, education and upskilling of charity trustees, and promote understanding of the definition of the term ‘Charity Trustee’ to include Board members, committee members, council members directors of a charity;
  • To highlight the need for new charity trustees to come forward, and highlight the means by which new trustees can be connected with charities that need trustees.

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Who is a trustee?

Charity trustees are the people who ultimately exercise control over, and are legally responsible for, the charity.

  • If the charity is a company, these people may also be known as directors or board members.
  • In an unincorporated association – an association that has a legal form with a governing document – they may be known as committee members. In the case of a trust it can be more complicated. If the trustees of the trust are the ones who decide policy and control the assets, then they are also charity trustees.
  • However, if the trustees merely have their names on the deeds of property but cannot sell or dispose of the property without the permission of the Charities Regulator, and have no other responsibilities, they are not charity trustees.

If you are unsure as to whether you are a charity trustee or not, then it is important that you check the legal structure of your charity to clarify your position and consult your charity’s constitution or deed of trust (‘governing document’).

At the end of September 2019 there were more than 66,000 charity trustees in the Republic of Ireland.

Who is Involved?

Charity Trustees’ Week is organised by a steering committee which includes Boardmatch Ireland, Charities Institute Ireland, Carmichael Ireland, Charities Regulator, Dóchas, PobalVolunteer Ireland and The Wheel.

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