Charities Regulator encourages public to think smart with their donations this Christmas

01 December 2016 Press Releases

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The Charities Regulator has called on people to ‘think smart’ with their donations this Christmas.

Speaking on the matter today, CEO of the Charities Regulator Mr. John Farrelly said:

“I am conscious at this time of the year that thousands of people will demonstrate their goodwill by giving their time, energy and money to organisations and good causes across the country.

“During this period, I would encourage members of the public to ensure that the cause and the collector to whom they are donating are genuine.

“In the first instance, donors should ensure that the collector is honest and aware of the work of the organisation for whom they are collecting. The collector should have formal ID and where they are representing a charity, the charity’s logo and registration number should appear on any literature and collection tin or bucket. Furthermore, where there is a cash collection it is standards of best practice for the collection box to be sealed.

“Members of the public should ask collectors if the organisation is a registered charity and if it is not, has it made or is it required to make an application to register.

“Some organisations, such as sports clubs, do not need to register with the Charities Regulator but any organisation that has a charitable purpose and provides public benefit should be registered and compliant with charitable law.

Charities Regulator Checklist

Before donating please ensure that:

  • The charity is either on the public register or has made an application to do so if it has a charitable purpose and provides a public benefit
  • The person collecting the donation has an official ID and has a permit to collect in that particular area.
  • The charity name, logo and charity number appear on any collection leaflets.
  • The collector knows what the charity does and can give examples of its work.
  • Any fundraising materials have clear contact and registration details for the charity.

If any member of the public suspects that an organisation is not in compliance with charitable law they should contact the Charities Regulator Concerns line on 01 633 1550