Charities Regulator: Tips for Effective Cash Donations

13 April 2017 Press Releases

At Easter, many people may decide to give money to charities and good causes. We would ask members of the public to take care that the charitable organisations they are donating cash to are genuine.

Below are our tips to ensure that your charitable donations are used for the purpose they are intended.

Donating Wisely – the Charities Regulator Checklist

Before donating cash to charitable organisations, please ensure that:

  • The charity is on the public Register of Charities.
  • The charity can provide evidence that they have the required license or permit for cash collections as issued by the relevant authorities (An Garda or District Court).
  • The person collecting the donation has an official ID and has a permit to collect in that particular area.
  • The charity name, logo and charity number appear on any collection leaflets.
  • The collector knows what the charity does and can give examples of its work.
  • Any fundraising materials have clear contact and registration details for the charity.

If any member of the public suspects that an organisation is not in compliance with charitable law they should contact the Charities Regulator Concerns line on 01-633 1550.



For more information contact:

The Charities Regulator

The Charities Regulator is an independent statutory authority, established on 16th October 2014 under the Charities Act, 2009. The key functions of the Regulator are to increase public trust and confidence in the management and administration of charities, ensure the accountability of charitable organisations to donors, beneficiaries and the public, establish and maintain a public register of charitable organisations operating in Ireland and ensure their compliance with the Charities Acts.