Charities Regulator sends “final notice” letters to 1,400 organisations

01 August 2017 Press Releases

The Charities Regulator has sent "final notice" letters to over 1,400 organisations currently on the Register of Charities, warning them to complete their registration details or face the prospect of being removed from the register.

The 1,400 organisations are among the 8,452 charities which were automatically entered on the Charities Register when the Charities Regulator was established in October, 2014, but who have yet to make contact with the Charities Regulator. These charities were automatically registered (under Section 40 of the Charities Act 2009) because they had charitable tax exemption (CHY status) from the Revenue Commissioners on 16 October, 2014, when the Charities Regulator was established.

However, in the intervening three years these 1,400 organisations have failed in their legal obligations to provide their charity’s details for the public register of charities or submit an annual report.

"In order to avoid being removed from the register these organisations must complete their information on the register and submit their annual report to the Charities Regulator by 7 August," Charities Regulator Head of Registration Eamon O’Halloran said. "Failure to comply by 14 August will result in us taking steps which may lead to these organisations being removed from the Register of Charities."

The Charities Regulator has provided the organisations concerned with details of a three-step process to verify the information that it holds in relation to their charity and to complete their annual report.

Last year 314 organisations were removed from the Register of Charities. "The current engagement with organisations is part of the Charities Regulator’s continuing drive to ensuring there is a robust and reliable Register of Charities in place," Mr O’Halloran said.

Considerable progress has been made over the last year, with the number of charities filing annual reports and accounts rising from 866 at the end of 2015 to 4,788 today (1 August) – an increase of over 450%.

For more information email or contact Eamon Timmins, Head of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, at 01-6331517 or 087-7520978.



The Charities Regulator is an independent statutory authority, established on 16 October 2014 under the Charities Act 2009. The key functions of the Regulator are to increase public trust and confidence in the management and administration of charities, ensure the accountability of charitable organisations to donors, beneficiaries and the public, establish and maintain a public register of charitable organisations operating in Ireland, and ensure their compliance with the Charities Acts.

The Charities Regulator’s 2016 annual report was published on 18 July.

The full list of registered Irish charities can be accessed online.

To report a concern about a charity, please visit our concerns page.