Have your say: second 'Statement of Strategy 2019 - 2022'

Have your say: second 'Statement of Strategy 2019 - 2022'

In 2016, we launched our first ‘Statement of Strategy 2016 – 2018’ to guide the organisation through its formative years.  The development of the second 'Statement of Strategy 2019 – 2022' is currently underway.

We are now seeking the views of interested and affected stakeholders to inform the activities of the Charities Regulator for the next three years.  This public consultation takes the form of an online survey, which you can access here.

The deadline is 5pm, on 30 November 2018.

We have engaged Mazars, an independent consulting firm, to facilitate the strategy development process.  All survey responses will be sent directly to Mazars for analysis and no information that you submit will be attributed to you or provided to the Charities Regulator.  The output of the public consultation will inform the definition of the Charities Regulator's 'Statement of Strategy 2019 – 2022'.

Should you have any issues when completing the survey, please contact the Charities Regulator Communications and Stakeholder Engagement team (via email to press@charitiesregulator.ie) for assistance.

Complete the online survey.