The Charities Regulator has completed a review of registered charities holding shares in section 110 companies on trust. The purpose of the review was to establish the number of registered Irish charities holding shares in section 110 companies and to determine whether they fell within the remit of the Charities Act 2009.

Main Conclusions:

  • Four registered charities were identified as holding shares in section 110 companies on trust.
  • Of the identified registered charities, one was de-registered because the organisation fell within the scope of section 8 of the Charities Act. The remaining three registered charities were deregistered because, during the course of the review, they changed their structures from charities to trust service providers.
  • The Charities Regulator recognises that registered charities can make investments and hold shares in order to achieve a return so that they can further their charity’s aims. However, it is the view of the Charities Regulator that the holding of shares in itself should not be the motivation and reason for a charity’s existence.
  • Prospective organisations seeking to obtain charitable status and current registered charities should be mindful that in order to qualify for and maintain charitable status the organisation must have exclusively charitable purposes.

The Public Register of Charities maintains details of de-registered charities.

The review is available to view on the online.


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