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The Charities Regulator was established in 2014 and is an independent authority. We are Ireland's national statutory regulator for charitable organisations

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In this section, you can find useful information on how to search for a charity and how to raise a concern. You can also review ‘Our News’ to find out about our activities and events

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In this section you will find our corporate and research reports as well as a range of guidance and resources to help make sure Ireland’s charities are well governed.


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Charity property and regulatory authorisation - what, when and how?

Tuesday, 27 February at 12:30

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Why is this important?

Legal advisors to charities or to people dealing with charities or charitable property need to consider whether they require the authorisation of the Charities Regulator for certain actions they propose to take.  

Authorisation is not typically required where a charity is established as a company limited by guarantee (CLG), which had all the necessary powers in its governing document when it acquired its property. However, for longer-established charities, such as those established by a trust deed, there may be some deficiency or condition that requires the authorisation of the Charities Regulator or the High Court.

Some of the matters in which authorisation may be required include property sales, property transfers and the appointment of new trustees to charity property.  

What will the webinar cover?

The webinar will provide solicitors and legal professionals with an overview of the Charities Regulator's jurisdiction in relation to charity property. Guidance on our discretionary statutory functions will include:

  • What matters may the Charities Regulator authorise?
  • When is it necessary to seek the Charities Regulator's authorisation?
  • At what stage in a transaction or course of action should I make an application?
  • What is involved in the authorisation process?
  • How do I prepare my application and manage my clients' expectations?
  • How do I submit my application?

Registration closes at 12:00pm on Tuesday, 27 February 2024.


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