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About Us

The Charities Regulator was established in 2014 and is an independent authority. We are Ireland's national statutory regulator for charitable organisations

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For the Public

In this section, you can find useful information on how to search for a charity and how to raise a concern. You can also review ‘Our News’ to find out about our activities and events

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Publications and Reports

In this section you will find our corporate and research reports as well as a range of guidance and resources to help make sure Ireland’s charities are well governed.


Contact Us

If you wish to contact us please use our online query form or through the ‘MyAccount’ portal. Our phone lines are open between 10am-1pm Monday to Friday.

Query Form

Please note that this number should only be used for queries about charity applications and registration status.                         

Our phone lines are open between 10am-1pm Monday to Friday.

Our Concerns Policy sets out how we will respond to concerns raised about charities.  If you wish to raise a concern, for further information and to complete the online concerns form, or contact us by phone at the number below.

Please note that these contact details should only be used for media enquiries - for example, from print or broadcast journalists.

Please note that these contact details should only be used for Charities Governance Code enquiries.

These email addresses should only be used when requesting information or records under the Freedom of Information or Data Protection Acts.

The Charities Regulator is committed giving you the best possible service at all times.  We have a Complaints Policy to advise any person or organisation who may have a complaint about practices of the Charities Regulator or its staff.

This Complaints Policy sets out how we will deal with your complaint if the matter can't be resolved through local resolution.  Where local resolution does not resolve the matter, the complainant is entitled to make a formal complaint by contacting the Complaints Officer.

Customer feedback - including compliments, comments and complaints - provides a valuable source of information by which service delivery standards can be monitored and reviewed by the Charities Regulator.  Let us know when you get good service, when things go wrong, or how you think we can improve our services.  This will allow us serve you better.

Please note that this email address should only be used by solicitors, other professional advisors on behalf of charities and charity trustees for queries to the Charity Services Unit, which deals with applications pursuant to the Charities Acts 1961 and 1973 and charitable bequests.  Queries regarding registration should be sent through the query form.

Access Officers are responsible for providing or arranging for assistance and guidance to persons with disabilities accessing services provided by the Charities Regulator. They act as a point of contact for people with disabilities wishing to access such services, in accordance with Section 26(2) of the Disability Act.

The contact details shown below should be used to request assistance with accessing our services:


Access Officer,
Charities Regulator,
3 George's Dock,
International Financial Services Centre,
Dublin 1,
D01 X5X0


Visiting the Charities Regulator's office is by appointment only. The office is not open to public callers. If you wish to request an appointment, please apply via the ‘Query Form' above, outlining the reason for your request.

Charities Regulator 3
George's Dock
Dublin 1
D01 X5X0

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Train / DART

The Charities Regulator office is a 5-minute walk from Connolly Station (Amiens Street, Dublin 1).


The Charities Regulator office is directly beside the George’s Dock stop (Red Line).

Bus / Walking

The Charities Regulator office is a 5-minute walk from Busaras (Central Bus Station, Store Street, Dublin 1) and approximately a 15-minute walk from O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.