Authority Members

The Charities Regulator is an independent authority, established under the Charities Act 2009. The Authority Members were appointed by the Minister for Justice and Equality, the Minister of State for the Department of Rural and Community Development, and the Minister for Rural and Community Development


The Authority currently comprises 8 members, 4 of whom were appointed by the Minister for Justice and Equality, 2 by the Minister of State for the Department of Rural and Community Development and 2 by the Minister for Rural and Community Development.

Patrick Hopkins


Patrick is an accountant and was Company Secretary and Manager - Corporate Services Division at Enterprise Ireland (EI) prior to his retirement in November 2013. He was previously Head of Finance in Forbairt, Eolas and IIRS. He was appointed to the Student Grants Appeals Board in July 2016. He is a member of St Vincent de Paul conference in Tallaght and was a member of their East Region Finance Committee until his appointment as Chairman of the Charities Regulator.

David Brady

David Brady is a Chartered Accountant, consultant and advisor to the charity sector. He is a senior consultant with Partas and was formerly Chair of the Charities and Not-For-Profit Special Interest Group of Chartered Accountants Ireland. He has previously performed executive roles in Marsh Ireland, Kepner-Tregoe and KPMG.

Tom Costello

Tom spent 14 years with The Atlantic Philanthropies, leaving the foundation in December 2014 as part of its planned wind-down. He holds a B.Ed primary degree, and a Masters in Management (Organisation Behaviour) from Trinity College, Dublin. Prior to joining Atlantic, Tom held a variety of leadership positions in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors; in programme and project management, assessment of social investment opportunities and contributing to policy and practice development in a variety of fields, including labour market programmes, childrens' and older people’s services, education and community development. From 1997 to 2000 Tom was a member of the faculty of the Irish Management Institute where he led programmes and consultancies on organisation development and change management. He is a member of the Government Advisory Council on Children and Young People and for 4 years served as Chair of the Children’s Rights Alliance.

Patricia Cronin

Patricia is a solicitor who has worked in both the private and public sectors, including over 25 years in various roles with IDA Ireland.

Máire McMahon

Máire McMahon is a practising solicitor in a general practice in Tipperary, with a keen interest in family law. She holds a BCL from UCC and an LLM in Family Law and Family Policy from the University of East Anglia. Máire served as Trustee and National Vice President with Responsibility for Governance with the Society of St Vincent de Paul for a period of 5 years, and during that time completed a Certificate in Charity Trusteeship and Governance from the Law Society of Ireland in conjunction with The Wheel. She remains involved at local level with the charity and also sits on the board of a local childrens' services charity in Tipperary.

Ercus Stewart

Ercus Stewart SC has practised at the Bar since 1970. Since 1982 he has been a Senior Counsel. His practice centres on civil, commercial and labour law, litigation and arbitration. He is also a member of the Bars of Northern Ireland, England and Wales and Australia (NSW). In addition to his law practice, Ercus is an arbitrator, in international and domestic Commercial Arbitration, and also a Mediator. He is also a member of and arbitrated under the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS - TAS) Lausanne, Switzerland. He is a former chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Irish Branch, and is author of "Arbitration Commentary and Sources" published in 2003 by Firstlaw, and "Compensation on Dismissal: Employment Law and Practice" published in 2008 by Bloomsbury Professional. He has been a visiting lecturer on the Diploma in Arbitration programme in the School of Law at UCD since the inception of the programme - in which he was instrumental - since 1997. He has been involved in charity work and charitable organisations for over 50 years, including Chernobyl Children's Project International, Romania Breadbasket Appeal, Care After Prison, Crann - Trees for Ireland, among others. He was joint founder, and chair for many years, of Just Sport Ireland, to help resolve sports disputes in Ireland, and was involved for many years in CARE - Campaign for the Care of Deprived Children.

Martin Sisk

Martin Sisk has a Bachelor of Law degree and is a Solicitor by profession. Having previously worked for the Revenue Commissioners, he spent most of his career in Regulation both financial and otherwise as Registrar of Friendly Societies and subsequently as a senior official in the Central Bank of Ireland. He has previously served as Chairman of VHI Healthcare and is currently Chairman of the Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority ( IAASA ). Martin is also a member of the Board of the Irish League of Credit Unions.

Rosemary Keogh

Rosemary Keogh has over 25 years leadership experience across diverse and multi-faceted organisations in the public, corporate and not for profit sectors. A qualified accountant, Rosemary is currently CEO of the Irish Wheelchair Association. She is the current Chair of the Not for Profit Association, and a former CEO of Order of Malta. Prior to working in the Charities sector, Rosemary had over 20 years’ experience of financial, audit and risk management up to and including international finance director level, and across a range of SMEs, Multinationals, Public Sector and Not for Profits.

Information Re Sub-Committees

The Authority has established four committees:

  • Finance, Audit, Risk and Governance Committee

    The Finance, Audit, Risk and Governance Committee was established to assist the Authority in fulfilling its responsibilities relating to:

    • Financial reporting;
    • Risk management;
    • Systems of internal control;
    • Audit;
    • The Charity Regulator’s process for monitoring compliance with its statutory obligations.

    Its members consist of:

    • Rosemary Keogh (Chairperson & Authority member);
    • Martin Sisk (Authority member);
    • Máire McMahon (Authority member);
    • Martin Corboy (External);
    • Michelle Walshe (External).
  • Regulatory Committee

    The committee was established to oversee the effectiveness and controls around the delivery of the Authority's registration, reporting and other regulatory functions.

    Its members consist of:

    • Tom Costello (Chairperson & Authority member);
    • Patricia Cronin (Authority member);
    • David Brady (Authority member);
    • Martin Sisk (Authority member);
    • Katie Cadden (External)
  • Performance, Resource Planning and Advisory Committee

    The Committee was established to assist the Authority to manage the recruitment of a CEO, to oversee the performance management process for senior management and to consider the terms and conditions of members of staff of the Charities Regulator including the terms under which staff are assigned/seconded/allocated/transferred to the Charities Regulator.  There are three members on the committee, all of whom are members of the Authority.

    • Patrick Hopkins (Chairperson & Authority member);
    • Tom Costello (Authority member);
    • Patricia Cronin (Authority member).
  • Charity Services Committee

    The Committee was established to assist the Authority in carrying out the functions previously vested in the Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests.  These include authorising disposal of charity property, appointment of new trustees and vesting of charity property in trustees, framing of Schemes of Incorporation and Cy-Près Schemes and approval of grants and scholarships.

    Its members consist of:

    • Ercus Stewart (Chairperson & Authority member); 
    • David Brady (Authority member);
    • Patricia Cronin (Authority member);
    • Judge John O’Connor (External);
    • John Gill (External);
    • Graham Richards (External).

Authority's Code of Business Conduct