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Raise a Concern

We welcome information which may indicate non-compliance with the Charities Acts. Where an issue is raised regarding a charity, the principal focus of the Charities Regulator is on whether or not there has been a breach of charity law

All concerns received by the Charities Regulator will be dealt with in confidence, subject to any legal duty of disclosure including obligations under Freedom of Information legislation and Data Protection legislation.


Concerns that we can deal with

  • A risk of significant loss or damage to a charity, its assets or beneficiaries;
  • Where charity trustees have breached their duties;
  • Serious or sustained misconduct by those in management and control of a charity;
  • Where a charity does not meet the legal requirement to be a charity (the legal requirement includes having charitable purposes and providing public benefit);
  • Where a body may be representing itself as being a charity in Ireland, when it is not.


Concerns that we will not become involved in

  • Matters that do not relate to charity law - for example, contractual employment issues;
  • Criminal activity - for example, theft or embezzlement – these are matters for An Garda Síochána and should be reported to them.  However, we do want to know about any action that charity trustees have taken to address such matters;
  • Complaints relating to services provided by the charity – these should be reported to the charity;
  • Disputes between charity trustees - for example, disputes that relate solely to decision making - these should be worked out internally or with professional support (for example, through a mediator);
  • Overruling a decision taken by the charity trustees that is valid and within their powers to make;
  • Issues that are within the remit of other regulators;
  • Complaints relating to fundraising practices - these should be raised with the charity in the first instance.

If you wish to contact us regarding a concern, you should complete the online concerns form

If you are unable to complete the concerns form online, please contact:

Concerns About Charities
Charities Regulator
3 George's Dock
Dublin 1
D01 X5X0

Concerns Phone Line: 01-633 1550


Video - 'How to Raise a Concern with the Charities Regulator'

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Concerns regarding Sales of Charity Land

The note below sets out the role of the Charities Regulator in respect of sales of land by charities and includes information for persons who have concerns about a sale of charity land.