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Charities Regulator stakeholder forum

The Charities Regulator is inviting nominations to a new stakeholder forum which will provide charity trustees and the Charities Regulator with an opportunity to exchange information and views on topics relevant to regulation of the sector including emerging issues. When it is established, the forum will be an important channel to ensure that the views and feedback of the charity sector are considered when the Charities Regulator is developing policies, guidance and regulatory materials. 

The forum will operate initially on a pilot basis, comprising 12 to 20 charity trustees.  A selection committee will consider the nominations received and agree the final members as we are keen to ensure that the membership of the stakeholder forum reflects the current profile of the charity sector by charitable purpose, size, legal form and geographical area. The selection committee will comprise a member of the board of the Charities Regulator, a member of the Charities Regulator’s senior management team and the independent chair of the stakeholder forum, Patricia Cronin. A former board member of the Charities Regulator, Patricia brings considerable experience and knowledge of the sector to the role.

In addition to the charity trustees and representatives of the Charities Regulator, observers from government departments and other state agencies will be invited to attend meetings where there are matters on the agenda relevant to their area(s) of responsibility.

While involvement in the forum will require some time commitment from its trustee members, it is not intended to be time-consuming. The forum will meet twice annually (spring and autumn/winter) on a hybrid basis – in-person and virtual – and generally at the offices of the Charities Regulator, at 3 Georges Dock (which is within walking distance of Connolly Station and beside the George’s Dock Luas stop).   Meetings will typically last for two hours and depending on the agenda, there may be some materials to read or consider ahead of each meeting. Additional meetings may be called by the Chair and requests for comments or feedback from members of the stakeholder forum may be sought occasionally via email.

While the forum will operate on a pilot basis for the first year, the Charities Regulator sees it as a long-term initiative. Initially we envisage that nominees will serve for two years to ensure continuity and thereafter we anticipate that the term of existing members will expire and nominations for membership of the forum will be sought from the wider charity sector every two years.   

Anyone wishing to nominate a charity trustee to the forum can do so using the official nomination form. Nominations must be submitted by email to by 5pm on Thursday, 23rd March 2023.