The Charities Regulatory Authority has appointed inspectors to carry out a statutory investigation into G.L.E.N. Company Limited by Guarantee (Registered Charity Number 20060404). It is important to note that the opening of a statutory investigation is not in itself a finding of any wrongdoing.

The scope of the investigation will include:

  • The administration, governance and financial management of the charity by the charity trustees;
  • Whether charitable assets have been used exclusively for charitable purposes and can be accounted for.

On April 5 the Charities Regulator directed the Board of G.L.E.N. (under section 53 of the Charities Act 2009) to provide a number of documents.

“Having received and examined these documents, and after examining additional documentation received from the charity, the Authority has determined that a statutory investigation into G.L.E.N. is warranted,” Charities Regulator Chief Executive John Farrelly said.

The Charities Regulator has appointed inspectors to investigate the affairs of the charity and to prepare a report on their investigation and findings. In the public interest, it is the policy of the Charities Regulator to issue a public statement whenever it appoints an inspector to carry out a statutory investigation into a charity, and to publish investigation reports on their completion.

G.L.E.N.’s entry can be viewed on the public register of charities.

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  • The Charities Regulator is an independent statutory authority, established on 16 October 2014 under the Charities Act, 2009. The key functions of the Regulator are to increase public trust and confidence in the management and administration of charities, ensure the accountability of charitable organisations to donors, beneficiaries and the public, establish and maintain a public register of charitable organisations operating in Ireland, and ensure their compliance with the Charities Acts.
  • The Charities Regulator has appointed inspectors to carry out the statutory investigation into G.L.E.N. under Part 4 of the Charities Act 2009.