Charities Regulator appoints inspectors to investigate Birdwatch Ireland.


The Charities Regulatory Authority (‘Charities Regulator’) has appointed inspectors to carry out a statutory investigation into Irish Wildbird Conservancy, a Company Limited by Guarantee t/a BirdWatch Ireland (Registered Charity Number 20008963). It is important to note that the opening of a statutory investigation is not in itself a finding of any wrongdoing.

A number of concerns were raised with the Charities Regulator in relation to Birdwatch Ireland in March and September 2019.   The Charity duly engaged with the Charities Regulator during 2019.  In early 2021, as part of a review of open concerns, the Charities Regulator followed up with the Charity.  During that engagement a matter of further concern was identified.

“While the Charities Regulator acknowledges Birdwatch Ireland’s engagement with it on the concerns raised, the Charities Regulator has determined that a statutory investigation into the charity is warranted,” Charities Regulator Chief Executive Helen Martin said.

The Charities Regulator has appointed inspectors to investigate the affairs of Birdwatch Ireland and to prepare a report on their investigation and findings.

Birdwatch Ireland’s entry can be viewed on the public Register of Charities: