Charities Regulator urges public wishing to support Ukraine to ensure they are giving to registered charities

The Charities Regulator is urging members of the public who wish to support and stand in solidarity with Ukraine to ensure that their donations, whether of goods or of funds, go to registered charities which have the structures in place to ensure that those donations go towards their intended purpose. 

You can check whether a specific Irish charity is registered on the Register of Charities at 

“The outpouring of support from Ireland for the Ukrainian people has been immense and underscores the inherent generosity and compassion of the Irish people,” said Helen Martin, Chief Executive of the Charities Regulator.  

“Members of the public are seeking to show their support in any way possible and are doing so in numerous ways.  But we would ask them to give with their head, as well as their hearts.  We would therefore remind anyone wishing to support the people of Ukraine to ensure that any donations they are making are going to registered charities that have a track record of providing the kinds of practical supports and assistance that the Ukrainian people, and those who are supporting them, need at this time.” 

Ms Martin added that there are several existing registered charities operating in Ireland that have significant international experience in both providing assistance to refugees, and also operating within conflict zones.  

“It is against the law in Ireland to set up a charity and to start collecting donations without being registered with the Charities Regulator.  As anyone who has recently registered with the Charities Regulator will know, this registration process is, by necessity, a rigorous one. It is therefore essential that any member of the public that might wish to raise funds or provide other forms of assistance to Ukraine and its citizens, links to an existing registered charity that has an established organisational framework in place and experience of working in high-risk and dangerous environments. This will help ensure that donations go directly to those most in need.”