Charity Classification - Public consultation

The Charities Regulator is working to further improve its ability to report meaningfully, accurately and to provide greater clarity and transparency in relation to the charity sector.

With this aim in mind, a proposed charity classification standard has been developed with the intention of facilitating a discussion on introducing a standard that will be both workable and meaningful. Further details are available here.


We need your views now!

We have engaged with government departments and agencies, public bodies, charity representative bodies, academics and researchers and we are now at the stage of the process where we are seeking feedback on the proposed standard from charities and the general public. 

What is proposed is a starting point, it is most likely at best ‘not quite right’, but is it generally ok or are the compromises just one step too far for you? 

Let us know what you think by completing the short survey once you have considered the proposed standard.  If you would like to make a more detailed submission, please email it to  (only submissions received by Friday 15 April 2022 will be considered).

All survey responses and submissions will be considered and incorporated into the standard, where deemed appropriate or necessary, before the final version is implemented.