Financial Information

The Charities Regulator is committed to openness and transparency, and routinely publishes financial Information relating to our income and expenditure.

Below, you will find copies of the Charities Regulator's Financial Statements which include details of our funding, staff and administration costs, the Authority Members’ fees, expenses and assets, amongst other items.

Financial Statements for the Charities Regulator refer to 'Charity Funds', specifically Common Investment Funds (CIF).  You can read more about CIF on the Charity Services page here.

Financial Statements 2018

Financial Statements 2017

Financial Statements 2016

Financial Statements 2015

Authority Member Remuneration

There are set fees paid annually to Authority Members in line with Government Policy.  Where an Authority Member has opted to waive their fee, or is not entitled to a fee under the ‘One Person One Salary’ principle, this is indicated in the Annual Report and the Financial Statements for the period.

The majority of Authority meetings are held in the Charities Regulator Office and require some members to travel from their respective base.  Travel and subsistence expenses incurred are reimbursed at the rates consistent with those defined in government policy.  Expenses paid to Authority Members in relation to attendance at Authority meetings can be viewed in both the Annual Report and the Financial Statements for the period.