Re-use of Public Sector Information

The Charities Regulator complies with the European Communities (Re-Use of Public Sector Information) Regulations 2005 (S.I. No. 279 of 2005) (as amended) and encourages re-use of the information falling within the scope of those regulations (the “Public Sector Information”), including materials made available on this website.  The regulations are available at  You are permitted to re-use Public Sector Information in accordance with and subject to compliance with the terms of the latest “PSI license”, available at, and in any event subject to the the following conditions (together, the “Licence”):

  • the source and copyright must be acknowledged in cases where the information is supplied by you to others;
  • the information must be reproduced accurately;
  • the information must not be distorted or otherwise modified;
  • the information must not be used in a misleading way;
  • the information must not be used in a way that suggests or otherwise implies that the Charities Regulator endorses any product, service or other use of the materials by you or any other party;
  • the information must not be used for, or in support of, illegal, immoral, fraudulent, or dishonest purposes;
  • the information must not be used in a manner that would imply endorsement by the Charities Regulator or in a manner likely to mislead others; and
  • any Charities Regulator crest, logo or mark must not be reproduced except where such crest, logo or mark forms an integral part of the document being re-used.

In the event of a conflict between the terms of the PSI licence and these conditions, these conditions shall take precedence.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Licence does not apply to Public Sector Information which is the property of, or in which the copyright is held by, a third party.

By way of example, and subject always to the above conditions, the rights granted to you under the Licence include the right to do the following:

  • browse Public Sector Information materials on our website and copy Public Sector Information for the purposes of viewing them;
  • print out hard copies for personal, commercial and non-commercial use;
  • save files, distribute and reproduce Public Sector Information provided that the source of the Public Sector Information is clearly identified and copyright is acknowledged; and
  • create links to the website of the Charities Regulator, provided that any Public Sector Information accessed on the Charities Regulator’s website through such links are displayed as the sole element of the browser window.

No charge is currently made for reuse of Public Sector Information. 

The name and contact details for the person responsible for Re-use of Public Sector Information in our organisation is:

Freedom of Information Officer, Charities Regulator, 3 George’s Dock, IFSC, Dublin 1 D01 X5X0, contactable at

The publication scheme prepared by the Charities Regulator under section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2014 is available here.