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13 - 17 November 2023

All you need to know about this year's Charity Trustees' Week and the events taking place.

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Charity Trustees’ Week - A big thank you!

Charity Trustees’ Week is a great big THANK YOU to charity trustees across Ireland for the important and tireless work you carry out throughout the year in the governance and leadership of Ireland’s charities. It is organised in partnership by the Charities Regulator, Boardmatch Ireland, Carmichael, Charities Institute Ireland, Dóchas, Pobal, The Wheel, and Volunteer Ireland.

This year’s calendar offers a range of events to celebrate the work of charity trustees and provide support and insights to help you fulfil your roles and responsibilities.

We’ve kept in mind the suggestions and feedback from charity trustees on the topics you want to learn more about as well as the format and times that suit best to create a calendar with something for every trustee, whatever the size or purpose of your charity.

As well as celebrating the work of charity trustees, the week’s events will also help to raise awareness among the public and others interested in the sector of the vital contribution of charity trustees to Ireland’s over 11,500 registered charities.

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Save the date!

The initial calendar of events for Charity Trustees’ Week 2023 is now available. All events are free to attend, but booking will be necessary.

Full details on each event and how to book your place will be available in the coming weeks so please check back again later this month. In the meantime, why not make a note in your diary of the events you’d like to attend.








Who is a charity trustee?

  • Charity trustees are the people who ultimately exercise control over, and are legally responsible for, the charity.
  • If the charity is a company, these people may also be known as directors or board members.
  • In an unincorporated association – an association that has a legal form with a governing document – they may be known as committee members. In the case of a trust it can be more complicated. If the trustees of the trust are the ones who decide policy and control the assets, then they are also charity trustees.
  • However, if the trustees merely have their names on the deeds of property but cannot sell or dispose of the property without the permission of the Charities Regulator, and have no other responsibilities, they are not charity trustees. If you are unsure as to whether you are a charity trustee or not, then it is important that you check the legal structure of your charity to clarify your position and consult your charity’s constitution or deed of trust (‘governing document’).

Interested in becoming a charity trustee?

There are over 11,500 registered charities in Ireland with more than 76,000 charity trustees.

If you wish to become more involved in the charity sector, there are number of ways you can begin the process of become a charity trustee. You can search the Register of Charities for a charity whose work and values align with your own.

Another option is to link in with Boardmatch Ireland, a registered charity specialising in board recruitment for the charity sector. Boardmatch works with charities of all sizes and you can view and apply for current Board and Committee vacancies on their website.

Volunteer Ireland , along with a network of Volunteer Centres, manages the national volunteering database I-VOL. This database has thousands of volunteer opportunities from thousands of organisations across the country which you can view and apply for on their website and via their smartphone app, I-VOL.