The Charities Regulator has published an inspector’s report into Galway University Foundation (Registered Charity Number 20038823) following an investigation into the affairs of the charity.

The Charities Regulator received concerns about the charity in June 2017.  The Compliance & Enforcement Unit of the Regulator undertook preliminary inquiries and in April 2018 the decision was taken to appoint inspectors to carry out an investigation under Part 4 of the Charities Act 2009.  The Charities Regulator received the inspector’s report in November 2019 and a decision to publish the report was taken by the Board of the Charities Regulatory Authority pursuant to section 66(3)(c) of the Charities Act 2009.

“The charity trustees of Galway University Foundation have been furnished with a copy of the inspector’s report and afforded the opportunity to provide an update on the matters referred to in the report. Our Compliance & Enforcement Unit is in the process of following up with the charity to ensure that any actions required to address matters referred to in the report have been implemented,” Charities Regulator CEO Helen Martin said.

“The report contains points of learning for all charities and we would encourage those who are responsible for the management and administration of charities to read the full text of the report,” Ms Martin said.  “The mission of the Charities Regulator is to regulate the charity sector in the public interest so as to ensure compliance with the law and support best practice in the governance, management and administration of charities.  As a regulator, we are keen to support charities in their efforts to comply with their legal obligations and standards of good governance.”

A copy of the inspector’s report is available online.